April 17, 2013

Question Of The Moment.

How often do you use a face mask?
I try to do some type of face mask every week and a half. "Try" being the key word here - I often find myself not having the time to do it, unfortunately. I do like to alternate between difference masks, depending on what my skin is going through at the time. Around that *~special~* time of the month I make it a point to use a mint mask - I feel it works for getting rid of any extra nastiness going on with my skin.

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  1. I'm honestly a mask whore. I use one every other day and I have a collection of them lol My favourite ones right now are the Glam Glow super mud and REN Glycol Lactic Mask. They're gorgeous! The Body Shop also makes really awesome masks. Oh and Lush :)


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