April 8, 2013

NYX Cinnamon Blush.

NYX is known for how affordable their products are, and yet still manage to be amazingly pigmented. Cinnamon is no exception.

I honestly have no clue why NYX decided Cinnamon was a good name for this - since when is cinnamon bright orange? Cause that's what this is - bright orange. That might scare some of you guys, but it really shouldn't. A little goes a long way, just remember that. This blush is totally matte, something I'm usually not a fan of. But it isn't chalky or oddly textured like a lot of matte powder products - it's very soft and almost velvety. And that's what makes it okay for me. 

I love how this color looks on my skin tone - it's warm, and gives an unexpected bit of color to the cheeks. It's what I reach for when I want something that compliments my skin perfectly, but also gives it some extra umph. 

What's your favorite bright colored blush?


  1. cinnamon is one of my fave blushes for the summer, it makes your face look warm and glowy everytime! great choice


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