April 25, 2013

No Regrets, Just Love: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.


Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Their mascaras are perfection, and their foundations actually have shades dark enough for me. 

They brought out their Fit Me line a few years ago, and I wanted to see if I'd love it as well. I am in love with this foundation. Main reason? The shade match is absolutely perfect for me. I wear 355 (sadly, this is their darkest shade), and I've never found a foundation that matches me this well. They're usually either too light, or too yellow. This hits my undertone and shade right on the head.

What I will say, and I'm sure you've already heard through the beauty blog grapevine, is: this foundation makes you look ridiculously oily. I love it to death, but sweet goodness I'm an oil slick at the end of the day. Keep in mind though, I'm starting off with really oily skin from the get go. But I've found that no matter what I set it with, I look like I can fry chicken on my face later on in the day.

For that reason, I don't usually wear this in the summer. I'll only break this out in the winter, where I won't have to worry about my skin heating up as I walk around and go about my day.

But since it's so hard to find a decent shade match in drugstore face products, Fit Me wins simply because it makes that much easier.

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