April 22, 2013

MAC 130 Duo Fiber Brush.

I've never been a fan of the whole due fiber brush craze. I know everyone loves MAC's 187 and its little sister, the 188, but it just never appealed to me. I never understood how a brush that's so...flimsy, and not dense at all would be ideal for liquid foundation. I have a LE version of the 187, and while I do know the giftset versions of brushes aren't nearly the same quality as their full-sized counterparts, it still wasn't doing it for me.

In comes the 130 addition to MAC's brushes. It interested me because it was smaller, and seemed like the bristles were much more densely packed than other duo fiber brushes. And they are - which is essential for me when I'm using liquid or cream products.

When I first got it, I did test it out with a few of my liquid foundations, and it worked alright, but not exactly how I had hoped. It's surface area is so small, that it takes extra time to blend, and still, the brushes weren't quite dense enough for me. But no fear, I found a different use for it - applying cream blush. THIS is where this brush shines, in my opinion. It holds onto the product, and let's me control how much product I pack on. And its small size works well here because it really only needs to work the area of my cheeks.

It didn't really work for what I bought it for, but luckily in the beauty world, our tools are versatile and may be awesome for a task we don't expect.


  1. Thanks for this post, I've never been too into brushes from MAC simply because of the price, lol but i may dive in and purchase the 239 someday. this brush reminds me of the elf smal stippling brush...have you tried that one? i also use it for my cream blush and highlighters :)

    1. The 239 brush is nice, but if you only purchase one MAC brush in your life, you should try the 217. It's a serious multi-tasker and you'll get way more bang for your buck. And I've never tried that ELF brush, is it pretty dense though?

    2. nah, it's not dense AT ALL...:( sucks too, i tried using it on a powder brush today and no luck, it didn't pick any product up...if you're looking for density, have you tried the elf powder brush?


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