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August 1, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday.

Ben Nye Powder

 I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect setting powder. My major issue with them is that if they are too chalky and white, I'll become a victim of ghost face. No bueno. The Ben Nye powders come in different colors, and I'm considering getting the banana one for my skin tone.

Nars Galapagos Eyeshadow

I really don't need any eyeshadows, since I barely use the ones that I have. But I am a fan of a good dark brown, and Galapagos is just that, and has wonderful pigmentation. I keep telling myself I'm gonna attempt to turn down any Nars purchase urges, but I think a splurge on this gem is kind of alright. Right...?

NYX Paris Lipstick

Another thing my makeup collection is full of - pink lipsticks. But in my defense, it's pretty, it's NYX, it's cheap,'s pink.


  1. I have the Ben Nye Banana Powder and I love it! It sets my makeup well and I never look chalky with it.

  2. You've been talking about that powder since last year. Get it and stop playing.

    1. Lol...I know I know. I just need other stuff to order from makeupmania so I'm not paying a ridiculous amount of shipping for just one item.

  3. the ben nye powder is pretty awesome....and go ahead and splurge on that galapagos, it is really pretty!

    1. Yeah I HAVE to get Galapagos...I haven't gotten a Nars product in a while so I think it's kind of


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