August 6, 2012

No Regrets, Just Love: MAC Feeling Flush Blush.

Again, my love for mineralized products has no end. So I was excited about MAC's Semi Precious Collection they released last year. 

But for some odd reason, MAC decided to switch up their mineralized formulation this time around. Everything looked…dusty and bland, as opposed to beautifully sheened and buttery smooth. Me being the trooper that I am, I still ended up picking up Feeling Flush because my pale pink blush collection was a bit lacking. The formulation of these newer blushes does take some getting used to, but after you do it's smooth sailing. 

The product's name is fitting - it gives you a nice pink flush on the cheek. Not as pigmented as I usually expect from something mineralized, but enough color is there and it is buildable. Also a shocker from a mineralized product is the fact that it's totally matte. I'm not personally a fan of matte anything, really, but this blush is gorgeous so I'll let that slide. This works perfectly for me whenever I need a baby doll pink to tie the rest of my makeup together.

What's your go to baby doll pink blush?


  1. my go to baby doll pink is NARS Angelika! it is soooo pretty, i'm usually anti-glitter but the way it shows up on the face, i can't resist

    1. Ahh I own Angelika too! When I'm not using Feeling Flush I switch it out to that one, actually.


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