August 16, 2012

No Regrets, Just Love: Laura Geller Honey Dipped.

One of the first things I ever got from Birchbox was Honey Dipped. I was super shocked that a subscription service would give me a full sized product (regular price of this is $31, Birchbox is only $10 a month...WUT). I've tried other Laura Geller face products, and was never impressed. They'd always been chalky and not very pigmented at all. So the fact that this (practically free) product from the brand was the total opposite of what I dreaded was a wonderful surprise.

Honey Dipped is marketed as a blush, but I've never used it for that. It suits me better as a highlight, and it really is one of the best highlighter colors for me. It's a golden, brownish, bronze (is that even possible? apparently it is). For all you shimmer-phobes out there, yes there is a bit of a noticeable shimmer in Honey Dipped, but it's not ridiculous. I can't simply call it a sheen, since it's a tad more noticeable than that. 

Honey Dipped is pretty much my go-to highlighter. It works with any makeup look, since it looks so natural on me. And since I'm such a *~rebel~* when it comes to makeup, I've also used this as an eyeshadow and it worked just as well for me. Love love love it.

Have you ever gotten something from a sampling subscription service and ended up loving it? If so, what was it?

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