July 28, 2012

This Week's Crushes.

Vacation Sex (video) - One of my new favorite shows is New Girl. The humor is wonderful, Zooey Deschannel is great to watch/look at, and the cast gives me life. When I saw on the interwebz that Jake Johnson and Lizzy Caplan (she played Janice in Mean Girls) did a Funny Or Die skit I was elated. It's seriously the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. You go, Lizzy Coco.

The Hunger Games (book) - Yeah so…I ended up falling into this fandom a little after the movie was released. Saw the movie first (wah), and then read the first book, and ended up loving it. I just recently finished Catching Fire, and I actually don't want to finish the series…I'll probably be itching like a crackhead for more after I finish MockingJay.

A Blogger's Hustle: Affliliate Links and Advertisements (blog post) - Donna discusses one of the biggies of blogging, paid ads and affiliates. 

Smokey Eye Tutorial (blog post) - I'm always on the hunt for the best smokey eye technique, and Natty just gave me one to try out. This looks sexy and is seemingly super simple to pull off.

Shooting Stars Tutorial (video) -Tatiana is gorgeous, and every single one of her looks is stunning. This one took my breath away.

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