July 2, 2012

No Regrets, Just Love: Top 5 Brushes.

I don't do a Monthly Favorites, since realistically, no one's favorites change THAT often, so I'm not gonna sit here and throw a bunch of products in your face every thirty days just for the hell of it. So I'm starting a new series of No Regrets, Just Love showcasing my favorite beauty thingies of all time. First up, I'll let you in on the brushes I just cannot live without.

1. MAC 109
This is a fairly small sized face brush. I love how dense this is and its size. Over the years I've used it for a number of things - liquid foundation, contouring, blush, and currently highlighting the face. I wouldn't be surprised if next month I'll find a new use for it. Only downside is how horribly this brush sheds. I almost always end up with little black hairs all over my face after using it.

2. ELF Flat Top Powder
Another brush I own more than one of. I use this solely for my liquid foundation. I was never into the whole stippling brush craze to apply my foundation - those are no where near dense enough to get my foundation on and blended out properly. Densely packed ones are my favorite for this.

3. MAC 217
The 217 is pretty much mandatory for doing makeup. I own two of these, simply because at any given moment I know I'll need it for something in my routine. It's a tappered fluffy brush, which is ideal for blending out shadows in and around the crease. I use it primarily for placing crease colors and blending out hard lines. I might end up getting yet another one just because I can never really have too many of these.

4. ELF Small Contour
This is one of those smaller, almost-pencil brushes that are somewhere in between a MAC 217, 219, and 226. I use it for my outer v, and sometimes for placing color in my crease if I really want to control where I'm initially putting color. It's perfect for my outer v, and I use this to the max whenever I do a smokey eye.

5. Bobbi Brown Slanted Contour
This brush has been a godsend for me. The slanted shape makes it absolutely perfect for placing my brow highlight, and then blending out the harsh line between that brow color and crease color. I don't know what I did with myself before I owned it. Lahve lahve lahve.


  1. Love this post! I can never find good brushes! Here's to hoping I can now, thanks to your help!

    1. glad to help hon! ELF is a really good place to start when looking for brushes..and they're super affordable!

  2. i LOVE the elf flat top brush! it's def one of my faves too and it's affordable! can't beat that

    1. i know! i might end up getting a third one just in case...lol.


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