July 9, 2012

MAC Star Wonder Mineralized Skinfinish.

The new Heavenly Creature collection released last week online, so I had to pick up at least ONE thing, since my love for mineralized anything refused to let me ignore it. I got the Star Wonder Mineralized Skinfinish, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Star Wonder is unique to me because I don't own too many coral-lish highlighters. The veining with this one includes some peach, gold, and plum. I was pretty much reeled in because of the plum, to be quite honest. For the most part, swatching this gives you a beautiful peachy-coral sheen. If you happen to swatch with a bit more of the plum included, you get a warm pink that's near the brink of becoming fuchsia.

Left: Plum, Center: Peach, Right: Gold




One of the main reasons I'm so in love with Mineralized Skinfinishes is because of them being so multifunctional. I plan on using this as a highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow - MSFs are a little pricier, but given their many uses, it ends up being worth it.

Do you plan on getting anything from the Heavenly Creature Collection? What do you have your eyes set on?


  1. this. is. gorgeous!! I was so tempted to buy something from this collection knowing dang well I don't wear anything shimmery on my face!! lol. If I did buy something from this collection, It'd be Star Wonder.

    1. Lol I should be afraid of shimmer too, but I refuse to pass up all this pretty simply because of my oiliness! But if you do get at least ONE thing from this collection, it should be either this, or Supernova blush. That blush is absolutely gorgeous and not very shimmery at all.

  2. i want to get earthshine and that's it lol

    1. I was thinking of getting earthshine too...but looking at the color, I'm not sure what I'd really do with something that dirty plum/brown.


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