July 18, 2012

Laquer Love: OPI Russian Navy.

Russian Navy is my favorite nail polish. Ever. And I have worn a lot of nail polish. I am a sucker for dark vampy colors, and this is the color I usually gravitate towards whenever I'm breathing I'm in the mood for the vampy look. I've worn this color the most out of any color in my collection. It's a dark navy blue with a sheen like no other. Not glitter, and not a tone, per say, but some sort of sheen I cannot put into words. Although it may look like it, it is not a one dimensional color, is what I'm trying to get at. I never ever put a glitter on when I wear this, because it's my baby and it doesn't need any kind of extra anything to make it stand out. I'm on my third bottle of this stuff, and I've never repurchased a nail polish in my life. Lahve lahve lahve with all my heart.

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