July 13, 2012

Laquer Love: Gosh Early Green.

I was on the verge of running out of Who The Shrek Are You, and I just couldn't deal with that. I spotted this in Duane Reade and thought it might fill my need, as well as give me a chance to try out a Gosh product. I fell in love. Love this color, but it has one setback for me - it's a bit of a mess to apply. It tends to be sort of thick, which ends up making the application way messier than any other polish I own. I put up with it though, since the color is so gorgeous. On my ring finger is my new glitter love, Frenzy from Sinful Colors.


  1. A little secret of mine:

    I don't own any GOSH lacquers. I remember a long time ago seeing the famous GOSH halo on Ebay for only $20. Seriously, $20 (oh yes, that includes the ship). At the time my polish love hadn't fully matured so my reaction was like (while laughing at them) "Get outta here with that! Hah you guys *cough*crazies*cough* go have fun with your hoitey-toitey foo-foo fancy bottles of color. PPffftt shhhtt" ...and fast forward to now when I'll easily spend 4x that on one bottle and GOSH holos are one of the hardest polishes to find. Face slap.

    ANYWAYS! Love this color! I may need to go hunt down some to finally add it to my collection.

    (oh and you're gorgeous! :))

    1. Haha! There was once a time when I thought paying anything more than $5 for any lip product was crazy talk. About 20 MAC lipsticks later, we see how long THAT lasted.

      You should definitely try getting your hands on at least one...my next one I want to try from them is Miss Grey..just can't seem to find it anywhere.

      And aww thank you honey!

      Also, turtle waffle. I just really wanted a reason to use that today.


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