April 6, 2012

Laquer Love: American Apparel L'Esprit.

With Essie's A Cut Above on my ringfinger.

I've had this nail polish for about two years now, and this is the first time I've ever used it. L'Espirit is a super pale lavender color, it almost looks white if you look at it quick enough. It has a cream finish - there's no shimmer or glitter anywhere in this. It's one of those thick, milky, ridiculously pale creams that I know I need a professional to apply so it won't look streaky and gross. Well at least I thought I needed a professional…I applied it myself about a week after I went to the salon, and I loved the way it came out.

Somehow it made it look like I was wearing tips! I'm glad I dug this one out of my nail polish graveyard, I'll definitely be wearing it the next time I get my nails done.


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  2. Oh such a lovely color! I've been looking for a good lavender. Found you over on Blog love therapy and now following :)


  3. very nice nail paint. i like this colour of nail paint.

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