March 28, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation
I don't really need a new foundation, since I pretty much just bought more of my Maybelline Fit Me and Dream Matte Mousse. But once one of those runs out, I want to get this and see what all the hype is about. That and give Revlon another chance, since the Colorstay and I did not get along too well.

EOS Hand Lotion
Another thing I don't really need - hand lotion. With all the perfume sets and mini things I have (I have about three brand new, never used D&G Light Blue lotions at the moment). But I like the EOS brand and these just look so cute and handbag friendly. I'm also a big fan of the Sweet Mint and Honey Melon smells of their lip balms.

Nars Exhibit A Blush
Told myself I'd never lust after another Nars blush once I realized they are now a whopping $28. Twenty-eight dollars. Two and eight. But this blush is just gorgeous. It looks terrifying in person, but with a light hand and blended out, it will look just gorgeous on me. I know it.


  1. really want to try exhibit A!

  2. exhibit is pretty epic! i have it and where all the time! def a must have. photoready foundation is pretty good too, i love the fact that it's in pump bottle


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