March 19, 2012

Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer.

Oh look, another highlight! Cause you know, I definitely need more of those.

Reserve Your Cabana is a very light, gold toned highlighter. For some reason it's actually called a bronzer, but I really don't know who could use this to bronze their face - it's way too light for that. 

It isn't your typical gold highlight, since it's more on the pale side. It has a sheen, rather than a shimmer or glitter. So if you're terrified of a bunch of glitter all over your face, fear not. It feels very soft, smooth, and creamy (yes, I know it's a powder..but it just feels THAT good).

Blended out a bit to show the gold-tone a little better
And if you didn't notice, this thing is HUGE. You will probably never run out of this. Ever.

Do you have a favorite drugstore highlight? If so, which one?

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