March 26, 2012

Some Products I Want To Use Up.

  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
  • L.A. Girl Pro Concealer
  • MAC Prolongwear Concealer
  • Laura Gellar Tinted Primer

Since I know have neither the patience or will power to do an actual Project Ten Pan (or even a Project Five Pan), I've set up a goal for myself to finish up some beauty products of mine. I just picked out things that look like they're about to run their course. Not surprisingly, they were mostly regular face products. I'm still doing my L.A. Girl and MAC concealer combo, so it makes sense these two are both just about done at the same time. As far as the primer goes, yes it was just sample, but it was decently sized sample so I'm still counting it as something that would take some kind of effort to finish.

I have so much makeup, and never seem to finish much of ANYTHING, so let's see how this will go.

Do you bounce from product to product in your makeup collection? Or do you continuously use one product up before you start another?


  1. i bounce from item to item BUT lately i've been making the conscious effort to use more of what i have because these things MUST finish! lol this means that i've even reorganized my makeup to make sure i'm in arms reach of more products and therefore i can use a variety as opposed to my old faithfuls

    1. that's EXACTLY what i'm doing now. i usually rotate my makeup so i get some kind of use out of everything (i have so much i end up forgetting about stuff that's buried in but like you said, i HAVE to finish some of these products in my lifetime.


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