March 12, 2012

Inspiration: Taylor Jacobson.

Is there a celebrity whose style you love so much that when you see them you just get...happy and inspired? Taylor is that person for me. She's usually seen in mostly black, grungey, rocker chic (I really hate that term, but nothing else best describes it) outfits. I absolutely LOVE that.

Most of my outfits consist of a ton of black because of two reasons: It's easier to match, and I don't really have to worry about my makeup rubbing off and getting onto my clothes. People usually shake a finger in my direction telling me to wear more color. But no, I don't want to. Taylor makes me feel better about my dark and dreary clothing choices. 

I've also never seen her with anything BUT a dark nail polish on. You guys know how much I love a dark, vampy manicure. Her "I don't really care" smokey eye tops this entire look off and just makes it perfect. TayTay I love you and please come style me.

Whose style brightens up your day on a regular basis?


  1. Nice !!

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  2. Color is great but I agree with you on the fact that wearing all black or white its so much easier to do your make up in any color and pick out any accessory.


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