March 16, 2012

Hauly Haul Haul!

  • Nicole By OPI Follow Me On Glitter Nailpolish
  • Gosh Early Green Nailpolish
  • Essie Shine Of The Times Nailpolish
  • Essie Power Clutch Nailpolish
  • Essie Armed And Ready Nailpolish
  • Revlon Pink Truffle Lip Butter
  • Revlon Sugar Plum Lip Butter
  • Wet N Wild Turquoise Eyeliner
  • Essence All I Want Eyeliner
  • Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer

I've tried out most of these already. I am in LAHVE with the lip butters so far. I'm more a fan of these colors than the first three I got. They're darker and have more pigmentation so they look much better on me. And yay for Duane Reade carrying Gosh products now =D. Drug stores are really stepping their game up nowadays.

What makeup did you end up getting the last time you went to the drugstore?


  1. i was THIS close to getting gum drop and creme brulee lip butter but didn't get them b/c i talked myself out of it...shame lol

    1. Gumdrop and Fig Jam are the only ones I want next...after that I'm done. I really don't need EITHER of them, but it's so hard to NOT collect


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