February 27, 2012

Monday Malice: Jack Black Lip Balm.

If you remember one of my Wishlist Wednesdays from a while back, I had these on said list. I heard good things about them from the beauty community and thought it'd be worth giving them a try. 

I cannot stand this lip balm.

I always liked to think I have *~sensitive~* lips and no regular balm could do anything to moisturize them. I got over myself a bit since I've discovered lip products other than my age-old Blistex that really did help my lips stay soft. Using this balm took me right back to the days where I thought only balms laced with magical pixie dust would do the trick for me. It feels hot and just..heavy on my lips. I hate balms that do that. It also doesn't do much to moisturize. I mean it'll do a little something for a bit, but then my lips end up feeling sticky rather than smooth.

I was also originally excited that it came in a Vanilla and Lavender scent. I absolutely love Lavender (see blog name/URL), and have never come across a lip product that was scented with it. And the smell of this is nice..in the tube. When it's on my lips (and the few times it's gotten into my mouth) it just gives off a strong perfume-y smell and makes me feel like I'm eating a perfume. It's really unsettling, and it's taking me a lot to complain about this.

I'm sure for other people who don't have such dry lips as I do (and also aren't as picky as I am), this would be awesome. I just can't deal with it for too long, and I'm glad I only purchased one.


  1. okay-I totally agree with you on this one. eating perfume can never;EVER be gotten use to. found you through Monday Beauties Blog Hop. am now following via GFC, it would be awesome if you checked out my blog:) http://cosmet-a-holic.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you, you've just gained a new follower!

  3. I haven't tried this one but I think I'm gonna stick with Carmex.

    I found your blog from Monday Beauties Blog Hop. Now following you. :)

  4. Awe I have heard so much about this lip balm! It is too bad that you didn't like it! I have SUPER dry lips and am a lip balm fanatic, but uhm I might have to pass on this! I hate the hot, heavy and sticky feeling, especially if it is not going to do it's job!

    1. I went back to my Rosebud salve...that always does the trick for me.


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