February 3, 2012

Missing MAC Style Black.

There was once a time when I wrote down every single MAC collection and its release date, wrote lists of things I needed to have, and salivated over sold out items I would never ever get anywhere but Ebay for three times the retail price. Nowadays that doesn’t happen so often. The last time I was that excited for a MAC collection was when the Style Black collection was released.

Released in September 2009, Style Black focused on dark, vampy,  ~*edgy*~ colors. The blacks, purples, blues, silvers – all in the deepest, darkest form possible. Among the products were two of my favorites: Mineralize Eyeshadow in Young Punk, and Glimmerglass in Blackfire. I love purple with all my heart, and both of these products filled that desire for me. I still have a bit of Blackfire, but refuse to touch it because I didn’t buy a back up and do not want to see it go. My mom has her own Young Punk, so I feel a little better about that. I’m still terrified of dropping it whenever I even attempt to open it, though.

The weeks prior to it being released, I was super duper excited for it. Then once it was released, I wanted to get everything and ended up loving what I did get. The pigmentation was amazing, the whole idea was different and tantalizing, and I was just genuinely pleased with everything I purchased. Nowadays MAC collections seem like they’re either thrown together last minute (Miss Piggy, anyone?), a bunch of repromotes, or things that look exactly like stuff we’ve already seen that might as well have been repromotes. I really don’t even bother looking up promo photos because I just have it in my head that I won’t care. And that’s bad…I’m supposed to care about makeup. I’m also supposed to feel like a company deserves my money and the time and energy it takes me to go and buy their products.

Don’t get me wrong; I still buy things from MAC. And I will continue to buy their products. And there’s way more people out there who have no problem with their stuff than there are who DO have a problem. MAC is one of the most widely known and recognized cosmetics brands in the industry, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

I just feel like I need them to remind me why people love and adore them. There have been a few collections that I showed a bit more interest in. I actually went to an unveiling event with my mom for the Venomous Villains Collection from two Falls ago (now that I think about it, I seem to only care about their Fall collections). Between the two of us we pretty much ended up getting the entire collection – with backups to spare. The Semi Precious Collection from a few months back had gorgeous mineralized eye shadows that again, my mother and I went crazy for.

I don’t expect every single collection to be award winning and to die for, but it’d be nice to have them a little more thought out and for us to see the effort put into them. With so many collections coming out every Thursday it seems like MAC is more devoted to quantity rather than quality. And that’s just a no no. We all really do love you MAC, so much that we’re still willing to put up with your faults. And we’re willing to wait for you to fix those faults, but you have to catch us while that love is still there.

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