February 29, 2012

Laquer Love: OPI A Grape Fit.

My mom went through her nail polish collection a few days ago, and of course that means I went through her nail polish collection. I found this OPI color I gave her a while back. I was kind of tired of the nail polishes in my regular rotation, but still wanted to show love for my purples. A Grape Fit did the job. It's a regular pasel purple. I usually do dark, vampy purples so I figured I'd switch it up with this. It's way prettier than I remembered. 

I also just got a few of Essie's new Luxeffects polishes and I wanted to show them off. On my ring finger is A Cut Above. I never ever match my glitter to my actual polish anymore, cause you know...I'm a rebel and that's just how I roll.

Have you rediscovered any polishes in your collection recently?  

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