February 24, 2012

Definitely #Winning.

You know when you get that feeling where you're just not...into what you're doing? Stuff isn't going your way for whatever reason, and you're being a little brat and you want everything just right? Yeah, that's what just happened to me. I've been working on the layout for LTLB for the past two weeks or so and nothing seemed right. And it irked me. I am a perfectionist and when I have an idea I want it executed exactly how I envisioned it in my head, and if I get anything else I'm not satisfied. But, through a lot of late nights googling tables, hex codes, and other tech mumbo jumbo, I finally got it to where I want it. And here it is for you guys!

I'm going to be working on new posts and things all day today (cause that's how I really want to spend my Friday), so they'll be a bunch of pretty girly things for you guys to drool over in the next few days. In this little blog funk of mine, I did manage to haul quite a few bits and bobs. Reviews, loves, regrets, and just plain awesomeness are on their way. Hold tight and follow me on twittah for quick rants, raves, and pics that may or may not be makeup related. I also dusted off my dailybooth and have been screwing around with that too.

Love you guys!

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