January 25, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday.

Essie Power Clutch
Saw this in Duane Reade a few weeks ago and was shocked I’d never heard of it. It’s another one of those greige/murky colors I’m in love with. When I googled swatches of it online I was shocked to see a sort of green tinge to it that I couldn’t see by just looking at the bottle. I’m fine with that though, it just makes the color more interesting.

ELF Mineral Angled Blush Brush

I already have an angled contour brush I got from Rite Aid, and it does its job perfectly. I just want another one with white bristles. No really, that’s the only reason I want this….because of the bristle color. Don’t judge me.

Benefit Moon Beam

I already own High Beam, and that’s nice. But it’s more on the silver/cool side. As we all know, Monica is a fan of her warm tones. I know Moon Beam has more of a gold tone to it, so I’m really looking forward to getting this. Benefit just recently came out with a Sun Beam, which also looks more on the warm side. I might end up getting both.


  1. cool wish list, i have a brush that looks like the elf one you mention here, i think it's from essence beauty found at walgreens

  2. i keep searching walgreens for contour brushes and i never find any good ones =(. only ones i do find there are travel sized. i'll keep a look out for essence of beauty brushes though.

  3. I like the name more than anything!Power Clutch... LOL


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