January 8, 2012

Question Of The Moment.

What's one makeup technique you just cannot do?
I seriously #fail at applying false eyelashes. I've tried several times, several different ways, but with no luck. I ordered a bunch of NYX lashes off Cherry Culture a long long time ago, and never got a chance to use all of them. I even ended up giving my Duo glue to my friend because I had no use for it. I know practice makes perfect, so eventually I will learn how to put them on. But for now I'm just gonna stick to the art of using tons and tons of mascara, lol.


  1. This is going to sound weird but i've actually cut my lashes in sections then glued them on. I have they worst luck with trying to glue on the whole strip.

  2. creating a 3 dimensional lip...i'm fine with the 2 dimension but that three....-____- lol


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