January 9, 2012

Monday Malice: Black Radiance Bronzer in Golden Shimmer.

Back when I wasn't even sure what a bronzer WAS, I had the random idea to pick one up and see what it was all about. I saw this product in Duane Reade and thought it SAID it was a bronzer, so why not.

I was wrong. I'm not sure WHAT this product is supposed to be.

This is one of those mosaic-type bronzers: you swirl them all together with your brush and apply. If you wanted to, you may be able to get your brush into just one. But the sections are a tad bit too small for that.

The pigmentation here is HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible. It took multiple swipes to get what color payoff I could muster up. It's also way too glittery for bronzing; there is a "glow" to it, but it's really just a bunch of shimmer.

Since I never feel like returning anything, I'm one of those people that try to make do with what I have. I tried the shades as eyeshadows, and THAT kind of worked out. I guess it could also be used as a highlighter, but I've never attempted to use it as such. Maybe that'll be my next attempt at making this work for me.

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