January 30, 2012

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish In Redhead.

I’m going to admit something very personal right now: I have an addiction. My very serious addiction is to MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finishes. If I could own all of them I probably would. That’s why whenever a collection comes out with a new/re-promoted one I usually end up picking it up. I missed out on the MSFs from the Brunette, Blonde, & Redhead, but luckily MAC re-released some of them in last month’s Naturally Collection.

I purchased only Redhead because it was more on the gold side compared to Blonde. Blonde leaned pinker, and it reminded me of MSFs I already own (specifically Rose Quartz and Porcelain Pink). I didn’t want to shell out $28 for something I can possibly replicate with products I already have.

Redhead is a gradation of goldish champagnes, with the last strip being on the rosy side. That was fine with me though, a little rosiness never hurt anyone. I’m always on the hunt for more gold highlights, and I liked that I kinda sorta got three different ones in this one product. 

For some reason people complain about how glittery MSFs are, but I never have that problem. It’s a nice shimmer/sheen, not chunks of glitter. I usually mix my brush into all the strips, or just focus on the first two (lightest) ones for my highlight. I love love LOVE this and will probably end up forgetting about the rest of my MSFs for the next few months. Too gorgeous to even acknowledge any other product exists.

Are you into MAC’s MSFs? What do you usually end up using them for (blush, highlight, bronzer, etc)?


  1. niiice, i like msf's as well, but not all, some of my faves are petticoat and cheeky bronze, but cheeky bronze is def my fave

    1. Ahh I love Petticoat! For some reason I keep hearing it's LE, but it's always at the MACs I go to *shrugs*.


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