December 28, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday.

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation
I really don’t need any more liquid foundation, but I do want to try this. After hearing all the hoopla about MUFE and their awesome foundations, I finally came to the conclusion that I must give this a go. says matte. A liquid foundation with the word “matte” in it? I will always be interested.

Sleek Contour Kit
Right now I’m really into contour and highlighting. I’ve heard a few beauty gurus and bloggers from across the pond praise this kit, so I want to try it. I felt so relieved when I found out they ship to the U.S.

Covergirl Queen Bronzer
Going along with the contour thing, I’m on a constant search for a bronzer that actually does something for me. Most bronzers I find are the same color as me, or are just a bunch of shimmer. This one seems dark enough for it show up. I just cannot, for the life of me, find it anywhere. I’ve searched all over NYC for this with no luck. I’ll probably have to cave and order it online somewhere.


  1. I have that cover girl queen bronzer but i haven't used it yet. lol well, maybe once, it was nice as a contour

  2. Ahh lucky I STILL haven't found it in stores. I'm trying to fill up a cart on Walmart's website and order it there.


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