December 17, 2011

Simple and Natural vs. Vamped Up and Smokey.

I chose to wear a simple "neutral" look on my eyes today, using almost nothing but MAC's Sultry palette from this year's holiday collection. After twenty minutes of beating and blending, I ended up with...something.

I always stress that I'm no where close to being a professional makeup artist. I mix, match, experiment, screw up...all that, when I do my makeup. I guess you can say a smoked-out eye is my "signature" (that word makes me sound like some celebrity that everyone goes to for makeup looks -_-) look. I love its effect, I love how it looks on me, and it's just...easy. I know, I know - all that blending and layering and all those colors seems much harder than any other eye look. But for me, I'm so used to doing a smokey eye, it just comes naturally. That and, if I mess up, no one can ever tell because the look is supposed to look messy and smudged.

With neutral looking colors, however, you can see your mistakes. I end up actually having to erase some screw ups when I do a natural eye. And I find the end result of a neutral eye on me is just never enough for me - I'm never really satisfied. It is a terrible thing to spend so much time on something and then to walk out unsatisfied, it really is.

All this really means is that I need to practice more. Everyone has their preference in makeup, but just because it's easier to do one thing doesn't mean I should just give up on the harder task. I love the dark and dreary look, but maybe one day I can master the nice on-my-way-to-work look.

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