December 11, 2011

(Nostalgic) Inspiration: Nancy from "The Craft".

As we speak, I'm watching the The Craft. It's a movie about four girls who practice witchcraft. One of the characters is Nancy (played by the absolutely gorgeous Fairuza Balk), the "evil one", I guess you can say.  Every time I watch this movie I can't get over how awesome her makeup looks. It's that whole witchy, dark, evil kinda makeup.
Berry lip and smudged eyeliner, anyone?

I know this kind of makeup isn't for everyone, but I have always had a secret love for "gothic" (I absolutely hate using this word for this, but it's the only one I can think of that everyone would get) type looks.
The Craft is actually my favorite movie of all time, and Nancy's character is one of my favorites. Maybe she kinda started my love for dark, smokey eyes. Because I damn sure prefer smudged/dark eye looks over lighter, simpler ones. *Shrugs* who knows.

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