December 16, 2011

No Regrets, Just Love: LUSH Dirty Soap.

I haven't been into Lush as much as I used to be, and that saddens me. Although last year, they released their Dirty line of products and it peaked an interest in me. I love anything that smells of peppermint and the like, and I am a fan of their Ice Blue soap, so I felt I needed this in my life.

This is my third bottle of the stuff (the second is in my shower and about half way empty), and I am in love. There's spearmint and menthol in Dirty, as opposed to the peppermint in Ice Blue…so the scents are noticeably different. The scent doesn't stay on for too long, which is fine with me. I do get a cooling/refreshing sensation whenever I use this, which is an awesome start to the morning when I need that extra umph to get me going.

I've tested out some of the other products in the Dirty line, including a few of the scents. I wasn't too sure about those, though. Lush has released a solid version of this, and I know I'll end up getting my hands on some of that.

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