December 12, 2011

MAC Holiday "Sultry" Eyeshadow Palette.

The November/December months means family togetherness, store discounts, and…MAC holiday collections. I skipped over last year's Tartan Tale collection because well, it wasn't anything special. This year MAC released the Glitter And Ice collection, made up of various different sets and palettes. The name pretty much gives you the gist of it: a ton of cool/icy toned products. 

I'm not a fan of cool toned anything (except maybe, pink lipsticks), so while I was excited for the white packaging, the actual products didn't sing to me. I did like Johnny Weir being apart of it though. I vowed I wouldn't buy anymore eyeshadows, because I barely use the ones I already have, but I wanted to pick up one of the six shadow palettes. The Sultry one included two shadows I've been eyeing for a while: Shadowy Lady and Black Tied, as well as Trax, a color I already own but wouldn't mind a backup of.

The only things I'm really a fan of about this is the gorgeous white packaging, and the convenience of having these colors in one place. Otherwise, there's nothing too special about it. The pigmentation is pretty bad throughout, with the exception of Black Tied and maybe Trax (this version of Trax seems to have more purple/pink in it than the permanent one, I'm not sure what that's all about). I feel MAC paid more attention to the product's presentation than it's quality, and that can be said about this entire collection.

With that said, I knew all of the negatives about this before I purchased. I honestly did just get this to be able to say "Hey, I got something from MAC that wasn't in the traditional black packaging!". That says a lot about me, I know. But give me a break…I missed out on Heatherette and Fafi. I still cry a little at night over that.

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  1. i agree the white packaging is pretty dope, the actual products, bleh...i got what joy! lipstick, really pretty!


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