October 18, 2016

My 5 Favorite iPhone Apps.

5 Favorite iPhone Apps

I've been an iPhone owner for the past 2 or so years. I've tried a bootyload of apps for various different things. But here are the ones that I just cannot live without.

I prefer this Twitter app over many others simply because it lets me post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. I have Echofon and Twitterific on there too, but those don't have that dual posting I like, so they don't get as much use.

I don't remember the last time I called an actual cab base to get a cab. Way2Ride is so simple to use, and the accuracy of where the driver is, and how long they'll take to get to you is amazing. I stopped using Uber for this app.

This is app is pure GOLD for me living in New York City. It tells you which buses and trains are near you, and give PERFECT real-time updates on how long transportation will get to you. It's one of my most used apps (I live in NYC and don't drive, it's the norm here), and I love it to pieces.

The native iPhone email app is fine, I guess. But I always felt so overwhelmed when all of my inboxes got filled up, so I looked for an alternative. The Gmail app is great cause it automatically sorts your mail into separate folders, making it easier to go through all of them.

Effects Studio
This app is great for on the go quick photo editing. I also have it on my iPad. It has simple things like crop and resize, but it also has filters, lets you freehand draw, and a few stickers and emojis in there as well.

September 28, 2016

Monica Lives: Melanie Martinez Concert.

Photo Credit: Ticketmaster.com

This past weekend I went to the second concert I've ever been to in my life: Melanie Martinez. As I purchased these tickets about three months ago, I was excited as hell to finally see Cry Baby in all her live glory.

The only other concert I'd ever been to before this was Fueled By Ramen's anniversary concert with Paramore, Fun., and a few other bands. That was years ago, and I remember loving it. This time around I thought it'd be just Melanie, but she had an opening band called Handsome Ghosts. I had never heard of them before the show, but they were pretty damn good. 

Melanie's show was amazing - duh. As you can probably guess by that regular-degular photo up there, I don't have pics from the show. Well I do, they're just horrible because I wasn't focusing on taking good pictures - I was focusing on taking in a good show. I felt so awesome seeing someone live who i knew all the words to all of their songs. Needless to say I left Hammerstein with a raspy voice and ringing ears. 

I loved every minute of it, and was sad when it was over. But I can't wait for my next concert. Who's it gonna be? Panic! At The Disco hopefully, if I can snag a pair of tickets in this presage. Wish me luck guys. 

August 8, 2016

I Know I'm Late But...The Walking Dead.

Image Credit: The Walking Dead Wikipedia Page

I know this show has been a fan(dom) favorite for a very long time. Everyone and their mom loves it - hell, even my mom loves it and she's never apart of any fandom. The first five seasons of it are on Netflix, so of course I've been binging.

I first attempted to get into TWD about a year ago. But I could not go on because of a certain thing being killed by zombies at the end of the pilot episode. So I noped the fuck out of the show. But I'm kind of bored with my one-star horror movies on Netflix, so I decided to actually get into a series I've never watched. And that is The Walking Dead.

As of right now, I'm on Season 3 Episode 10. This show is darn good. A tad bit overdramatic at times, but I can look past that because of how good it is. Also, Norman Reedus is in it. I cannot help but call him Judas throughout this entire show (instead of the character's actual name, Daryl). I can't undo what Lady Gaga has done to me, so whatever...his name is Judas.

I just checked, and it seems as though Season 6 starts late October. I might just be able to catch up with the old episodes just in time for the season premiere - who knows. Although I'd hate to be one of the fangirls sitting at the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens after a commercial, or an episode cliffhanger, or even worse - a season cliffhanger. Ugh I cringe at the thought.

Netflix, you are amazing.

July 18, 2016

Monica: Life Update.

Hey guys. It's been a while, as you can tell by the date of my last post. Sorry about that - I've just been focusing on personal things a tad more than I have my blog. But don't worry, I'm still here and so is Strange And Pretty.

While life hasn't been all strawberries and roses 100% of the time, I've gotten the chance to do some cool things as of late. One being this:

Yeah. That's Lex from Madeyewlook. It was my first meet and greet, and my first time ever visiting the only Ulta we have in New York City. She was so cute and sweet and nice to be around. Ugh. The whole experience just made me love her more. Next up, I have to meet Mykie from Glam And Gore. She's my other Youtube Queen.

I went to a class for bike riding. Yes, I'm 27 (damn near 28) and I do not know how to ride a bike. I still don't, even after that bike lesson. But I did learn a few things, and it was a fun experience. There was even a bike expo going on right near the park we were riding at. If I was really into biking, I would have been so ecstatic about the whole place. It was pretty cool.

Went to see a few movies. And by "few" I mean just two. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Purge Election Year. I fucking love The Purge series. I've already picked out my Halloween costume based off it. I can't wait until October.

Yeah so, that's me in a nutshell - as far as the past few weeks go, at least. Expect new posts this week too.

Oh and....I'm into Pokemon Go. I'm Team Mystic.

Don't you dare judge me.