November 19, 2015

And It Starts: My Obsession With Phone Cases.

I'm just be straight up honest here. The reason I switched to #TeamApple is because damn near all the pretty fancy accessories were made for this line of phones and this line only. I wanted the pretty cases, the nice tripods and dashboard, all that.

So when I purchased my iPhone 5 from Tmobile (when they finally got with the program), I was totes excited. My case collection grew every damn week. But I recently upgraded to the 6s and I'm loving it. But all my wonderful cases I had for my 5 are now obsolete. I must grow my case collection and get my case game up. Cause I need ALL of the cases. All of them.

Anyone know of any sites where they sell really cool/different/original/weird cases? If you do leave me a comment below or talk to me about it on my Twitter.


November 18, 2015

Am I Creative?

Yesterday someone told me that I'm "creative". I immediately responded with "Wait no I'm not". This person mentioned how much I love writing, and when she did read what I've written, it was good (I went to high school with this girl and we had many English classes together). Hearing her say that made me wonder if I really am creative, and I've just been dormant in my creativity for so long that I forgot it exists in me.

I always get jealous (the good, inspiring kind of jealousy) when I read blogs, essays, articles, and other things of the like because I just think the people writing them have a special talent. A talent that I don't have. But I stop and remember that I DO have that talent - I just need to use it more.

And I'm going to be honest here and say, things haven't been as well as I'd like them to be as of late. So I feel dipping into my creativity bucket might help me feel better about things. I'm gonna give this all a try and see where it gets me. Wish me luck.


October 28, 2015

Question Of The Moment.


Are you the type of person to keep up with makeup brand collections?

Not anymore. When I first got into makeup I knew release dates, shade colors, dupable products...all that. Now I'm not with it anymore. So many collections seem like the exact same thing that JUST came out from either another company, or the company in question. I mean, if I like an item from it that I see, and I know it's limited edition, then I'll most likely go out and pick it up. But other than that, it just doesn't excite me as much as it once did.



October 26, 2015

Evian Facial Spray.

I've never been one for all those facial mists that are supposed to set your makeup for like...fifty hours or whatever. I've tried a few, and none of them really did anything extravagant enough for me. However, I am one of those people who get hot as HELL from just walking down the block. This is why I've kept Evian's Natural Mineral Water Spray with me for ages.

This spray has many uses. You can use it add some moisture to dry skin, take away that powdery look after all your makeup's on, and you can also just use it as a fresher-upper during the day. This is where I get the most use out of it. During the summer, this stuff is an absolute savior for me. New York summers play NO GAMES when it comes to heat and humidity. So after walking the four or so blocks to the train station, I pop this baby out of my bag and spritz away. It's also nice just to use even when you're not dealing with the heat - it just feels good on the skin. It's pretty much like splashing fresh, cold water on your face without having to worry about ruining your makeup.

Have you tried Evian's spray before? Or any others similar to it?

*Product featured was sent to me for consideration.