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March 9, 2017

Current Read: Gods And Kings By Dana Thomas.

Gods And Kings By Dana Thomas

I purchased this book a while ago, and I put off reading it because I thought it'd depress me. Ever since I went to see the Savage Beauty exhibit a few years ago, I loved Alexander McQueen mind and creativity. So I figured I should read up on him a bit.

I'm not one that's deep into fashion (fabrics, silhouettes, sewing, etc), and this book has a lot of technical fashion phrases that I'm not familiar with. I'm totally okay with that. It's helping me learn, even though I'm not in the fashion industry and don't plan to be. I've only read a little of it so far, but as of now I'm liking it. It's giving me a peak into how the fashion world was back in the day, and how it is now.

March 6, 2017

How To Procrastinate.

How To Procrastinate

There are people who get things done right when they need to, and have everything planned and organized to do so. But there are also people who push things back for ages and keep the mantra "I'll do it tomorrow" on repeat in their heads. Unfortunately, 7/10 times, I am the later. Let me explain to you how to be a procrastinator.

Don't Be Excited About Your Goal/End Project
If you're not looking forward to getting this project finished, it'll never get finished. Be happy that you have something to look forward to and set your focus on.

Let Mundane Things Have Higher Priority Over Your Main Goal
This may happen because you're feeling a little lazy. In your head, it may seem like it'd be easier for you to do something small rather than doing a larger step to get your goal done. This makes sense. However, that time taken to do that smaller thing could certainly be devoted to finishing the bigger picture.

Don't Do The Proper Research/Prep For Your Goal
As a college student, I kind of groan whenever I hear the sentence "Make sure you research your topic!". A lot of times we don't feel like dredging through a bunch of information and picking through it to find the best of it all.

Be Arrogant Overly Confident That You Can Reach Your Goal In A Short Amount Of Time
"I'll finish it in like, two days. I won't even worry about it". This could be true. But that two day project - are you truly proud of it? Did you give it your all? Is it something you'll look back at a few months down the line and say "I put my heart and soul in that and look how awesome it all came out"? Think of things questions before you think you're too cool to spend real time on a project.

Make Up Excuses For Not Taking The Steps To Achieve Your Goal
"I can't find the right store", "I can't find the right color for this", blah blah blah. Excuses can make us feel comfortable and complacent. Stop those. Stop those right now. They're silly, and they only hold you back. Be versatile in ways to complete your end game and realize that not everything will unfold perfectly for you. Nothing is ever perfect. But hard work and effort can make things awesome.

These tips could be applied to absolutely anything. Blogging, school, work, future endeavors, all that.
We all have trouble completing and sticking to goals sometimes. But you can do it and make it amazing - just remember that.

February 22, 2017

Monica Lives: Life Update.'s damn near March. I'm not gonna say the sentence that every beauty blogger/Youtuber says at the end of ever month. I refuse to say it.

But we are closer to spring and the warmer months. This winter has been good to me - a handful of freezing days, a snowstorm or two, but then we also had some "WTF how it is this hot in January" moments as well. I like that combo.

What have I been doing? Not enough. I'm focused on a certain thing in my life (which is a little too personal for me to disclose here), which is why I've been M.I.A. from Strange And Pretty (sorry yall!). But hopefully that will all work out and I'll be in your feeds on the regular once more.

I plan to post on here still, but not to a set schedule as much as I used to. That's simply temporary though - I'll be back to the two posts a week setup soon. So be sure to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (I'm omgmonicashere on there, and my SnapCode is in the sidebar) to keep up with me and new blog posts.

Love you guys!

February 1, 2017

Empties #7.

Lush Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream
Another bottle of this stuff bites the dust. I'm going to have to take it easy with this, as I keep running through bottles of it. Love it though, and I'll hate to see it eventually go.

Post On It: Here and Here.
Will I Repurchase?: Already Have.

Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Concealer Palette
I've had this palette for a really long time. I finally ran out of it, or at least the colors I've used the most. Not sure if I'd purchase this entire thing again, since I've already found my holy grail concealer in the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. But the shade from this shade I used was a very good match for my skin.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: No, I would just purchase the shade #18.

Maybelline Dream Soft BB Cream in Deep Sheer Tint
I like this stuff. it's perfect for just throwing on some color on your face to run out of the house. Although it does make me pretty oily, so setting powder is a must.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Already Have.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
I've already told you guys Maybelline is my favorite brand for mascara - drugstore or otherwise. I love this. This is really good for definition and curl.

Post On It: Here.
Will I Repurchase?: Yes.

Covergirl Clear Mascara
I've had this tube of mascara waaaayyy too long. It's actually quite gross how long I've been using this. But I never used it for my actual eyelashes, I used it to tame my brows. I've never been big on doing much to my eyebrows, so whenever they got a little unruly I'd comb some of this through them and it'd get them together.

Post On It: N/A.

Will I Repurchase?: Yes.

Escada Sexy Graffiti Rollerball 
This smells absolutely wonderful. I don't know much about Escada and their fragrances, but I have a feeling this was limited edition. That or they just stopped making it as soon as I realized I liked it so much. But if I can find it, I'd definitely purchase the full sized bottle.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Yes.

Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner
This used to be my favorite liner to use. But for some reason the past few tubes I've purchased dried out extremely quickly. I'm not sure why that is. I love how it used to be, but as for now I'm in the market for a new liquid liner.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Maybe, in the hopes of the formula going back to normal.

NYC Big, Bold, And Precis Liquid Liner
This also dried out too quickly. And by "quickly" I mean about a week of me using it. Not a fan.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: No.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Face Primer Sample
This primer was alright. To be honest, it was just like every other silicone based primer I've tried before. Nothing too special here. For the hefty price tag, I might as well keep using my other primers that work just as well as this does.

Post On It: Here.
Will I Repurchase?: Maybe.

Bath And Body Works Winter Candy Apple Hand Sanitizer
I liked the way this smelled as a hand sanitizer. I made the mistake of buying the fragrance mist once and it smelled like hairspray. But in small doses, it's totally fine.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Yes.

EOS Fresh Flowers Hand Cream
I really like EOS's lotions. They're very moisturizing, and are perfect for throwing in your bag to travel with. They smell good, but aren't overwhelming to your nose. I've purchased this many times before and certainly will again.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Yes.

Strawberry's Diva Rich Perfume
Got this imitation perfume because I was bored and it was on sale - it was about $4 for the bottle. It's supposed to smell like a Nina Ricci perfume I once had, and it did smell very similar to it. I liked it and wasn't ashamed to have an imitation version of a designer fragrance.

Post On It: N/A.
Will I Repurchase?: Yes.